Ganggang Hu Guidice is a writer, poet, artist and SQA lead. She was born and grew up in Beijing, China and moved to Atlanta after receiving a MS in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ganggang spends most of her spare time on writing and painting. Her proses, poems and music reviews have been published in multiple languages since 2003. You may find some of her published articles on her blog.

Ganggang's artwork has been seen in exhibitions worldwide. Birds of all breeds are a strong theme in her art. She is passionate about portraying eyes using unique color combinations. Ganggang states about her art, "I feel birds talk to me in a special way, and I want to help them talk to you through my art. Sometimes a moment of beauty in my life will never come back again. That's why I try to capture it before it turns into another fading memory."

She also enjoys singing, stage performance and making amateur music videos. Please check out her YouTube Channel.